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Magnet reality(člen skupiny EKRK)


The real estate agency which leads to most real estate transfers in the Sluknov region reaches other regions of the Czech Republic as well. The company provides complete services in transferring real estates - from accepting an order, through land survey of buildings and preparing geometrical plans, providing all real estate-related documentation both at the Land Register Office and other institutions, up to composing purchase agreements, including easements and legally valid completion of proceedings at Land Register Offices.

The partners of the company have been executing the activities of the real estate office since 1992. Luzicka realitni kancelar was incorporated through restructuralization of the Perry Real Estate Agency in 1993. Already in 1994, the company achieved a dominant position in the Sluknov region and also expanded to other places in the Czech Republic. In 1993, the company engaged in "Asociace realitních kancelárí Cech, Moravy a Slezska". In the same year, the company participated at the IMMOS REALEX real estate fair at the Atrium Hotel in Prague and since that time, the company has presented its services at this significant international event. In the following years, the comprehensive presentation of LRK was available at the NISA-REAL fair of investment opportunities in Liberec and it participates at the commercial exhibition annually organized by the Economic Chamber of the Decín Region.

Date of registration in Commercial Register: 8 March 1993
Statutory representative: Mgr. Ivo Peroutka - secretary
Headcount: 3


  • sale, purchase, lease of houses, flats, lands, industrial spaces
  • drawing up purchase and lease contracts
  • representation during negotiations with the Land Register Office, Revenue Office and other institutions
  • drawing up Articles of Incorporation of business companies, with foreign participation as well
  • providing all expert opinions
  • assistance in filling out tax returns

The company is able to provide these services using its own employees or external partners based on long-term partnerships nationwide and particularly in the region of North Bohemia.


Mainly North Bohemia and Prague. Considering its business contacts nationwide and abroad, the company is able to provide its activities throughout the Czech Republic and abroad too.

The company's portfolio is presented using boards in the eight largest towns of the region, in the specialized press (former REALITY PROFIT, TIP SERVIS, FORTE REALITY etc.) and the daily press (MF DNES, Právo, Dečínský deník etc.). The company also uses correspondence mail to potential customers, its own database of individuals interested in purchasing real estate, and collaboration with other real estate agencies in the Czech Republic. The company presents its portfolio on special real estate servers REALITYEKRK, REALITY IDNES, SEVERO.CESKEREALITY etc.. Also, personal contacts with people selling other domestic and foreign real estate is employed.


  • purchase and sale of houses or industrial premises and lands
  • drawing up all types of contracts
  • providing all documents on real estate to various authorities
  • assistance in processing documents for filling out tax returns
  • negotiations with state authorities and local governments
  • representation in negotiations with Land Register Offices, Revenue Offices and other authorities


  • tax consultancy services
  • auditor services
  • voluntary auctions
  • all legal services
  • geometric plans and surveys
  • drawing up all expert opinions
  • services of media + promotion services
  • financial consultancy
  • translation and interpretation services


  • The Association of Real Estate offices of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
  • Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic
  • Europien club of estate agencies from 2008


  • Fairs of real estate in: Dubai, Krakow, Sweden, Dresden, Munich, Prague, Chicago, Las Vegas
  • Short-term attachment in the USA: Colldwell Bankers, Mr Bob Mayes (04-05/1994)
  • Short-term attachment in the USA: University of Quincy - Mr David Costigan (04-05/1994)
  • Short-term attachment in Switzerland: La Chaux de Fonds, Mrs Ruth Hynek (12/1994)
  • Short-term attachment in Great Britain: Buckingham, Mr R Kay (07/2003)
  • USA: conference - San Francisco (11/2003)
  • Common meeting of the ARK Association Council with the Slovak Association of Real Estate Agencies (06/2004)
  • Meeting of US associations RWSSC, CAR, RANWC with members of the ARK ČR Association Council – Chicago (05/2005)
  • Real estate conference and fair in Las Vegas (11/2007)
  • European Club of Real Estate Offices – meeting with members of Dutch, Polish, Slovak and Russian association – Jeseníky (05/2008)
  • Real estates fair in Munich (10/2008)
  • Real estates fair in Istanbul (10/2011)

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